Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ugh. This SO illustrates what I'm feeling right now.

After +4 hours of trying to get the workcomputer to work after the AFS broke down - which always makes the computer go absolutely haywire, and to do ANYTHING about it you need a person with a root password since you are obviously not competent enough to do it on your own - and an associated 4 sprints back-and-forth to the sysadmins three stairs down in the next building, I'm feeling just a little tad bitter. This Dilbert strip feels rater accurate :) (And they won't even give me an optical mouse instead of the shitty $5 mechanical mouse I'm using. And the printer server always eats my documents (telling me nicely that now it has sent everything to the printer though it hasn't) - and my collegue's documents). *headdesk*

Maybe I'd feel better if I was home in bed instead of working with a fever? Well, duh. But there's work that needs to be done.