Saturday, August 27, 2005

New HD, new speakers, same old computer

Stupid computer crashed for the second time in less than a week, two days ago. Or maybe for the 1.5th time - last time it finally decided to work after a kernel error and a number of failed reboots. First time I've had win XP actually crash on me.

Anyway, at the time of the second crash I had: 2 mysteriously "missing" HD:s (i e, they were physically in the computer but couldn't be found), one of which had been making really strange noises over the last weeks and the other one with a Win installation that was doing strange things, boot failures and a number of error messages claiming that a system file was trying to write to read-only memory. Ouch.

At least I reinstalled XP recently, so I had a pretty recent backup of everything. And I'd been thinking of getting a new HD anyway, since having a +3 yrs old HD (and an even older one for backup) was making me kind of nervous. So. New HD, new installation of Windows. And the old disk still makes the system go batshit crazy if it is connected, so now I'll try to find a way to reformat it (tricky, without connecting it) and se if that helps. Bleh.

As consolation I got myself nice speakers. (I never liked the old ones and have thus done without for the last year - gave them to a friend recently). Music :)


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