Monday, June 20, 2005

Become fat -> earn less and lose prestige - if you're a woman

In the area of depressing but not really surprising research, I found this: Research Shows Women's Weight Gain Brings Loss of Income, Job Prestige (Science Daily).

The results: women who are fat get less prestigious jobs and earn less, but on men being fat has no impact on their prospects (and yes, they checked that it was not the other way around - being fat lead to loss of prestige, not the other way around). Fat women also had spouses who held less prestigious jobs and earned less (and I suppose that for some people, the prestige of a woman's spouse is also a measure of her own prestige, even if I wouldn't view it that way).

It was found that a 1 percent increase in a woman's body mass results in a .6 percentage point decrease in her family income and a .4 percentage point decrease in her occupational prestige as measured 13 to 15 years later.

*sigh*. Well, I guess it isn't news that women in cases like these are more affected by breaking of prescriptive stereotypes.


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