Thursday, May 19, 2005

On Books Becoming Movies

It looks like on of my former favourite books, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, is going to become a movie (the movie will apparently be built on that book and the book Ender's Shadow). Will be interesting to see how that turns out (but not as interesting as, say, to see how the Hitchhiker's Guide movie has turned out).

I also found this interesting analysis of the morals of the book. I don't completely agree with it, but it was interesting none the less, especially in the light of this excerpt from an interview with Mr Card

There's always moral instruction whether the writer inserts it deliberately or not. The least effective moral instruction in fiction is that which is consciously inserted. Partly because it won't reflect the storyteller's true beliefs, it will only reflect what he BELIEVES he believes, or what he thinks he should believe or what he's been persuaded of.

But when you write without deliberately expressing moral teachings, the morals that show up are the ones you actually live by. The beliefs that you don't even think to question, that you don't even notice-- those will show up. And that tells much more truth about what you believe than your deliberate moral machinations.

But generally, I am often disappointed in the result of turning books into movies. I think this shows that we (well, at least I) often filter books (and other stuff, of course) through our own culture and experiences. The result of someone else 's view (or, rather a bunch of "someone elses" views) of a book is not especially likely to be fully compatible with mine.


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