Friday, May 06, 2005

Oh Joy, Another Shitty Day

Wake up with menstrual cramps. Which means that I will spend the rest of the day more or less in pain, depending on when I last took my pain-relieving tablets. ('Less' means I can ignore it for short stretches of time as loong as I do not try to move, 'more' means sitting absolutely unmoving and concentrating on breathing, praying for the analgesics to kick in soon)

Then I spend an hour trying to get MikTeX/LaTeX to render a simple document. Just your standard low-grade computer irritation. And a couple of more hours trying to write something insightful which, given the conditions stated above, does not proceed very well. Also knowing that if I was not so completely overloaded with work, this would have been a day off - and now that I'm unable to use it fully, tomorrow won't be free either.

Eventually, me and boyfriend also start to do our laundry, which means going up and down stairs to and from the laundry room. Having cramps seems to make the stairs twice as long and steep, by some neat trick of perception. Also, it really chops one's working time into almost-useless little slivers.

I use an astonishing amount of these slivers to try to get matlab to not make my "saved as non-color" eps figures into color eps figures. Usually, I need to explicitly choose "Color EPS" when I export, but matlab apparently has some prescient knowledge telling it that what I really want is color, not grayscale, and acts accordingly. Also, copying-and-pasting directions (directly from the online help) for exporting figures in black-and-white via command line results in - color pictures. After a couple of hours of this, I give up for tonight, irrationally hoping that it will work tomorrow.

Then we make the final round to the laundry room - and I find out that someone has stolen my favourite bra. The one that I spent at least one hour in the dressing room trying on at least twenty bras (something that I quite dislike) to find, which was expensive even at 70% discount. The one that I liked so much I even bought TWO pairs of matching panties (also a bit too expensive) to go with it. The only one of my bras that is both comfortable and really good-looking, and makes me a little bit happy every time I put it on. Fuck, fuck, fuck. (I do not really believe in swearing but I have no cheap china to throw about, so that will have to do for now).

I've had many, many years experience of communal laundry rooms, but never had anything stolen - until now. I do not really know what makes me the most angry - the economic loss of one of the very few luxuries I've allowed myself, the thoght of someone touching daring to touch my things or the depressing fact that now we will have to sit in the laundry room and guard our things until they are dry (or wash smaller amounts and dry them in our bathroom), which eats up even more of my currently almost non-existing free time.

I'm going to back this up before I post it. I seriously belive that I might trash my computer if Blogger would eat it right now.


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