Friday, May 13, 2005

The best thing about travelling...

... is to come home again. Or, for that matter, to come five hours late to a friend's birthday party, make some of the newly aquired strange tea (bought 8 hours ago from a nice man in a typical German teashop) and just sit down and talk of inconsequential things.

It even makes one forget the big, nasty blisters that were the result or the very hurried trek across town to be able to make it to the teashop and back in time. Just to have _something_ to show for being away for three whole days, except for a new set of dark under-eye rings and a general lack of sleep.

You know, travelling with one's boss is not exactly to be considered as leisure time.

Travelling _four times_ with ones boss, totalling three weeks, over the course of less than two months is even worse, in that aspect.

Blah. At least it is Saturday tomorrow.


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