Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Ah, Poetry :)

I went and bought a book on how to program Perl, thinking that I some day might find the time to actually learn it since it seems so useful (that is, the book was on sale, heavily reduced).

That "some day" is certainly not today. Today I am just reading the preface, which has several parts that made me smile:

Perl has a mixed heritage and has always viewed diversity as a strength rather than a weakness. Pearl is a "give me your tired, your poor" language.If you feel like a huddled mass longing to be free, Perl is for you. [...]
To those who merely like it, Perl is the Practical Extraction and Report Language. To those who love it, Perl is the Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister. And to the minimalists in the crowd, Perl seems like a pointless exercies in redundancy. But that's okay. The world needs a few reductionists (mainly as physicists). The rest of us are just trying to get it together.
Now, how's that for motivation? If it wasn't time for lunch, I might very well be tempted to study Perl right now.

(It doesn't, regrettably, say who has written this. But the book in question is "Programming Perl", 3rd ed. by Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen & Jon Orvant, OReilly publishers.)


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